OUR COMPANY – Prop and Scenery Lights, LLC (PSL)

PSL designs and manufactures special effects lighting products related to props, scenery, and themed environments.


Technical Excellence
-Low Voltage LED РAll of our lights are LED based and are centered on low voltage operation.  Using low voltage LEDs allows for easy integration into props and scenery and provides a high level of control for lighting effects.
-Portable – Many of our products are battery compatible for portable applications.
-Simple assembly РVarious accessory components are offered to allow users a simple assembly for their lighted project.
-Custom engineered РOur products have been custom engineered using colorimetry theory and equipment resulting in fantastically realistic lighting products. Our lighting products range from broad spectrum candle flame simulation lights to vivid saturated colored LEDs. We also offer supporting power and control accessories. The cornerstone of our lighted products is the family of sub 2,000 kelvin ultra warm candlelight and flame simulation LEDs. These products range from broad spectrum high CRI (Color Rendering Index) candlelight sources to ember orange polychromatic light sources that replicates burning coals and embers.

Creative Design
At PSL, our products are focused on enhancing the art of design in creative lighting projects.  The majority of products we offer are unique designs centered on particular applications related to building of props, scenery, and themed environments. Our specialty lighting can help you achieve the atmosphere needed in your creative lighting project.


PSL’s diverse customer base reflects the varied applications possible with our products.  Applications include stage props, theatrical scenery, costumes, museum exhibits, themed entertainment projects, escape rooms, and filmmaking. Our customers include amusement parks, film and television studios, prop houses, theatre groups, museums and design firms.

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