AIR2 Dual mode IR touchless toggle switch for LED lighting control, 7-24 volt DC – Active Infrared sensor


AIR2 Dual mode IR touchless toggle switch for low voltage LED lighting control with 2.1mm x 5.5 DC barrel connectors, 7-24 volt DC

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The Prop and Scenery Lights, LLC AIR2 is a dual mode touchless switch for low voltage LED lighting control. The modes of operation are door proximity and hand wave toggle, both providing on/off control. The AIR2 is software driven providing automatic change between mode functions. The body of the AIR2 is very small with a body length slightly under 1.80”, a width under 0.70”, and a thickness less than 0.30”.

The operation of the AIR2 is such that in the door proximity mode when a surface (the door) is in near proximity (less than 100mm / 4 inches) the switch is off.  When the door surface moves out of range of the AIR2 sensor face, the switch turns on the controlled light. When no surface is in front of the AIR2 sensor face for more than 10 seconds, the software switches to the hand wave toggle mode.  Moving a hand past the sensor face within the sense range toggles the light off and the switch is latched into this off position. The AIR2 will stay latched off until the hand wave in front of the AIR2 sensor face is repeated for on latching.  The AIR2 will revert back to the door proximity mode when a surface is in front of the sensor face more than 10 seconds. The AIR2 may be operated as a door proximity switch or a hand wave toggle switch, depending on the needs of the application.

The AIR2 has a sleek profile with an extruded aluminum case with moisture resistant sealed front and back covers. The AIR2 operates from 7-24 volts DC.  The maximum current switched at 7-12 volts is 2.5 amps while the maximum current at 24 volts DC is 2.0 amps.  The AIR2 may be operated from a 9 volt battery for portable applications such as theatrical props or scenery. The AIR2 is equipped with male and female DC barrel type connectors of the 5.5mm x 2.1mm size jack and plug. The cable length is a nominal 18” (460mm) flexible UL2464 rated black PVC.

Securing the unit for general illumination applications in cabinet work for either door proximity mode or under a counter hand wave toggle mode, double sided tape can be used on the unit’s flat body shape. For applications in prop and scenery use, the unit can be temporarily secured with Gaffer’s tape or hot glue.  For general lighting applications, the AIR2 can be used with a 30 watt 12 volt DC constant voltage LED driver power supply.

Well suited for various LED lighting applications such as:

  • Theatrical prop and scenery LED light control
  • Escape Rooms
  • Costume lights
  • Architectural cabinet lighting
  • Commercial and industrial applications
  • Special effects lighting props

AIR2 Spec Sheet Rev-B PSL (08_15_17)


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