The Prop Flex LED Lighting Strip is a flexible, reusable and easy to configure lighting source. This flexible strip is useful in a variety of applications including entertainment prop and scenery projects, portable amusement shows, product displays, costumes, filmmaking and much more. Applications that need a low power accent light or fill light will find the Prop Flex to be versatile and adaptable. Prop Flex is easy to set up and can be configured with lighting controls and cabling options. The physical versatility of a Prop Flex strip combined with its low power draw allow for a variety of portable battery operated uses. However, Prop Flex may also be operated from a 12-volt DC power system in fixed, non-portable, specialty lighting applications. Prop Flex is a form of a mini flexible lighting fixture with the ability for multiple reuses in different prop and scenery specialty lighting projects.

Prop Flex Design and Form

The Prop Flex LED lighting strip is a hook-and-loop fabric based LED light strip with a clear flexible protective covering. The strips are configured with a power input pigtail cable and a DC barrel connector. Unlike traditional LED flex tape, also known as ribbon light, which is considered expendable and used once for a project, Prop Flex is reusable. Prop Flex can be easily repositioned and remounted without soldering or specialized connectors. For storage between projects, the Prop Flex LED strip is supplied with a sturdy clear plastic tube with removable end caps. The low profile, small physical size and high light output, allow the Prop Flex to be used in challenging confined spaces often found in various prop and scenery applications.
Prop Flex Mounting
The hook-fabric backed light strip adheres to loop-fabric, carpets, and trade show booth wall covering fabric. Prop Flex can also be mounted to adhesive backed loop strips. Using this mounting method, the loop strip is expendable and the Prop Flex is reusable. The Prop Flex tails have hook material on the bottom and loop material on the top which allows for wrapping and self-adhering on various round objects or adhering to hook-and-loop mounting straps.

Prop Flex Technical Details

The standard active light emitting area lengths of Prop Flex LED lighting strip are 4’, 8”, 12”, and 16”. All of these standard lengths have 6” hook and loop tails on each end. Add 12” to the active lighted area length for the total overall length of the lighting strip. All strips are plug and play with a 20” nominal length pigtail cable and DC barrel connector of the x 5.5mm size. The Prop Flex has 12 LEDs per 4” active lighted area segment. Total LED’s on the Prop Flex strip are: 12 LEDs for 4”, 24 LEDs for 8”, 36 LEDs for 12”, and 48 LEDs for 16”. The nominal power per standard Prop Flex strip operating at 12 volts DC is: 4” = 1 watts, 8” = 2 watts, 12” = 3 watts, and 16” = 4 watts. When operating from our 8 AA cell battery holder the running time for Prop Flex LED lighting strip is typically greater than the following hours versus lengths: 4” = xxx hours, 8” = xx hours, 12” = xx hours, 16” = xx hours. Other options for powering include vehicle 12 volt systems or standard 12-volt DC power supplies.

Prop Flex Materials and size

Prop Flex LED lighting strip is assembled with UL flammability rated hook-and-loop strap, UL flammability rated clear cover sleeve, and UL flammability rated adhesive. The round pigtail cable is rated as a UL2464 type. The LED lighting strip in the assembly also carries a UL listing. The nominal finished width of the Prop Flex LED strip is 5/8” and the thickness over the active LED area is typically 1/4”, which makes this well suited for applications needing a low profile. The back of the clear cover tube in the LED active area has hook-fabric patches at a 4” or less spacing intervals. The back side of the 6” tails is continuous hook-fabric. The strip tails can be cut as need. Prop Flex is assembled in the USA.
For custom Prop Flex sizes, or other specialized custom lighting project design needs, contact us.
Prop Flex Accessories

The Prop Flex strip operates from 12 volts DC and there are multiple compatible Prop and Scenery Lights power and control accessories. These accessories range from the MED1 (Micro Effects Dimmer) for adding dynamic flash or strobe effects or static dimming, to cable splitters for running multiple Prop Flex strips from one power source. In applications where a flicker appearance is needed, the FEC1 (Flicker Effects Control) can be used. The  BHC1-8AA-12V is a versatile battery holder assembly that allows portable operation and, this battery holder uses 8 AA cells.

Prop Flex Application:

Costume work: Prop Flex’s repositionable flexible fabric strap is well suited for this dynamic environment.

Prop builders: The Prop Flex LED lighting strip can be a versatile addition as a unique product for various designs needing a short linear light source or in confined space applications.

Theatrical scenery applications: Prop Flex provides the ability to easily adapt lighting into various set structures and provides for a LED lighting source that can be re-used for a variety of different projects.

Seasonal and portable amusement shows: the low power and removable aspects of Prop Flex can add simplicity to the design of the lighting show and easy tear down and setup. The simple DC barrel connector power input also adds to the ease of use in amusement show applications.

On the road applications: Prop Flex can find many uses such as lighting stage stairs or other areas of the stage that need a utility light or marker light.

Product and trade show displays: Prop Flex LED strip is an optimal LED lighting source that allows for quick display set up while providing low voltage operation. Prop Flex adheres extremely well to Tempo© brand of loop fabric for trade show exhibition booth fabrication.

Vehicle interiors in auto show car applications: the Prop Flex hook material adheres well to many types of headliner fabric. The Prop Flex is also well suited for smaller confined spaces in for auto interior show vehicle illumination.

Cinematography projects and INDIE Filmmaking, our high CRI Daylight White version of Prop Flex is an excellent match to camera image sensors.