MED1 Micro Effects Dimmer control 5, 9, 12 24 Volts DC, 4 amp, 8 mode, with adapter terminal blocks for props – scenery – escape rooms


MED1 Micro Effects Dimmer control for LED lighting 5, 9, 12 24 Volts DC, 4 amp, 8 mode, with adapter terminal blocks for easy wiring


The Prop and Scenery Lights, LLC P/N MED1 Micro Effects Dimmer provides dimming, multimode effects, and on / off control of 5 – 24 volt DC LED lights. The unit features a simple tactile three button interface; Light, Speed, and Mode. The variety of effects combined with the simplicity of use makes this a great control for low complexity projects.

  1. The Light button is used in static mode for dimming. Note the Static (0 mode) dimming function is between effects #8 and #1 when sequencing through the modes.
  2. The Speed (On/Off) button provides ten speed levels for the effects modes and is also used to turn the unit off when it is held longer than 3 seconds.
  3. The Mode button provides eight dynamic effects, and the Static (0 mode) between effects #8 and #1.

Mode effects patterns

0) Static mode for dimming

1) Up / Down – ramp up on ramp down off – repeat

2) Up / Down – flame flicker – always on

3) Strobe – fast

4) Blinking – long off

5) Blinking – long on

6) Flash – burst of pulses (emergency vehicle light)

7) Strobe – slow (beacon light)

8) Up / Down varying brightness – brief off – repeat

The MED1 body measures a nominal 1.4” length, 0.6” wide and 0.2” thickness. Each of the connector cables extends from the body 5.5”. The overall end to end length of the entire body and cable assembly is 13.0” Max. The unit’s body is sleeved in black and the cables are molded in black PVC.

Well suited for various LED lighting applications such as:

  • Modelers – scale model builders
  • Promotional LED signs
  • Specialized dΓ©cor lighting
  • F/X prop and costume lighting
  • Stage scenery lighting
  • Theatrical effects lighting
  • POS Point Of Sale displays
  • Architectural accent lighting

Spec sheet links:

MED1 Rev_C Spec Sheet (07_15_17)

ATB-MF2.1×5.5 Rev-B Spec Sheet PSL (08_19_17)



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