PDM1 LED lighting dimmer control PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) low voltage 12 – 24 volt DC


PDM1 LED lighting dimmer module PWM low voltage 12 – 24 volt DC, 0% to 100% dimming range – screw terminal wire connection


The Prop and Scenery Lights PDM1 (Pulse Dimmer Module) is a full range 0-100% Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) low voltage dimmer. The PDM1 operates with a single control knob but provides effective lighting control with transitions from off to low levels. High stability is maintained throughout the full range in a flicker free transition. Input and output termination is via a screw clamp terminal block which accepts direct bare wires.

  • Input voltage 12-24 volts DC 8 amps maximum. Module rating 96 watts at 12 volts 192 watts at 24 volts for LED lighting loads only
  • Output 0% (Off) to 100% (Full-On)
  • Power connection is via removable block style screw terminal connector Mounting is via four clear holes to accommodate #6 screws Module body is made of molded ABS plastic beige in color
  • For installation in moisture protected environments
  • Module body is 3.5 maximum length 2.4 maximum width 1.3 typical height with knob projection 2.2 typical height
  • Intended for LED lighting applications only



  • Prop and scenery lighting
  • Escape room low voltage LED lighting
  • Theatrical stage set scenery lighting
  • LED lighting signage

PDM1 Rev-B Spec Sheet PSL (08_19_17)


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