Prop Flex Lighting kit candle flame simulation LED strip lighting effects 12” active area P/N: PFL-24B-CF-FEC-KIT-1


Candlelight LED flex 1775 Kelvin high CRI 93 candle light spectrum 12 volts DC 4 watts with flame flicker effects control strip for props scenery theatrical filmmaking and video

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This is a 24 LED candle spectrum simulation light with flicker effects control and battery holder kit. This LED flex light strip is for applications in the area of prop making, theatrical scenery, escape room theming, filmmaking and video productions. The candlelight spectrum is a very warm 1,775 Kelvin nominal color temperature with a high color rendering index of 93 CRI typical. The LED flex strip has male and female DC power barrel connectors on the cable ends; this allows multiple flex strips to link together.  The 24 LED strip operates at 12 volts DC with a nominal power of 4 watts. The face of the flex strip is black and the back has a thick foam adhesive tape to conform to surfaces. This is a non-hook and loop Prop Flex Lighting kit.

The flickering effects control provides multiple flame flicker simulation modes. Each mode has adjustable rates of flickering. The LED strip may be used without the flicker effects control when continuous fill lighting is needed with a candle flame spectrum.

This kit has a battery holder holds 8 AA cells, to provide 12 volts DC to the flex strip and flicker control. The strip has 22” cables with male and female DC barrel connectors of the 2.1mm x 5.5mm size on the ends. The overall length of the strip and cables is 56 inches nominal.

Provide a true candlelight appearance for applications such as, replicating candlelight scenes, escape room lighting, filmmaking and video projects, themed entertainment projects and dark rides.

This kit contains 1 LED flex strip, 1 flicker effects control, and one battery holder assembly, batteries are not included.

PFL-24B-CF Candle Flame Flex Kit Qucik Start Guide Rev B (07_29_17)

FEC1 Rev_C Spec Sheet (07_15_17)