Theatrical Candle Flame Pigtail LED Light MEP-CF1, FEC1 flicker effects control, and 9 volt battery clip


Theatrical Candle Flame Pigtail LED light 9-12 volts DC, Micro Effects Dimmer (MED1), and 9 volt battery clip

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The MEP-CF1 (Micro Effects Pigtail, Candle& Flame) is an LED flame light simulation source with a broad spectrum and a luminous diffuse output. The multi-chromatic light emitted has rich hues of various warm colors (amber, orange, and red). The light color temperature is an ultra-warm 1,745 Kelvin (typical) with spectral characteristics similar to combustion light sources. An excellent light source for replicating “Old World” illumination devices.

The MEP-CF1 operates from 9-12 volts DC. The light emission head is at the end of a 20” (ref.) long pigtail cable with a commonly used barrel type connector jack (2.1 x 5.5mm). The emission head and leader section of the cable have a typical diameter less than 4mm (0.16”). This small diameter and the flexibility of the cable allows it to be easily routed through various structures. The emission head is fragile and must be handled with care. Avoid contact with sharp edges that may tear it. Battery life can be expected to be greater than 12 hours with a new high quality 9 volt battery.

The MEP-CF1 is a “static” light source. For flickering “dynamic” effect it may be used with our FEC1 (Flicker Effects Control) for multi-mode and speed flame flicker. For simulation of larger flame sources, multiple MEP-CF1s provide a more realistic appearance than one large source. This more realistic simulation is attributed to varied random light rays and varied shadows from the multiple sources. The MEP-CF1 uses a proprietary broad emission luminescent resin that is coated on the inside of the emission head in a non-uniform fashion which creates anomalies and variations in the light output color temperature for a more natural appearance and ambiance.

Excellent for various Prop replicas visual effects, such as:

Wicks for stage flameless candles

Lanterns with “Old World” warm light ambience

British Rushlights, miniature torches

Prop torches and oil lamps

Theatrical candles

Theatrical stage costumes

This kit contains 1 pc MEP-CF1 candle flame pigtail, 1 pc FEC1 flicker effects control, 1 pc 9 volt battery clip.

Spec sheet link for MEP-CF1:

MEP-CF1 Rev-B PSL Spec Sheet (08_03_17)

Spec sheet link for the FEC1:

FEC1 Rev_C Spec Sheet (07_15_17)

Application Note link for the FEC1:

FEC1 Flicker effects Control Ap Note Rev-B PSL (7_31_17)

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