16 Awg cable 2 conductors red black wires UL2464 style for low voltage power connection, 20 foot coil


For low voltage 12 volt DC and 24 volt DC power applications.  This 16/2 power cable is easy to route. The cable is slightly less than a quarter inch diameter with a smooth round jacket for sealing in cord grips. The inner wires use 26 strand tin plated copper for good flexibility. The inner wire insulation color is red and black for polarity identification in DC power applications.

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Power cable UL2464 style for low voltage internal wiring or external interconnection of electronic equipment. This cable is 16 gauge with two inner conductors. The cable uses a black flexible PVC plastic jacket and black and red PVC plastic insulated inner conductors. The inner conductors are tin plated copper 26 strands. The cable has a UL flammability VW-1 rating. Maximum operating temperature is 80 °C (176°F). The cable material meets Rohs requirements. Application power is 13 amps maximum (150 watts at 12 volts DC, 300 watts at 24 volts DC) for system volts of 12 – 24 DC Typical.


LED lighting

Power supply low voltage connections

Stage and studio equipment

Low voltage wiring in equipment racks


O.D. of Jacket Insulation: 6.20mm +0.25mm / -0.25mm (0.244” +0.01”/-0.01”)

O.D. of inner conductor insulation: 2.30 +0.10mm / -0.10mm (0.090” +0.010”/-0.010”)

Specification Sheet:

16 awg UL2464 Cable Spec Sheet Rev A PSL (04_08_20)