blacklight bulb 390nm UV LED G4 style black light with cable socket for 12 volts DC


The SBL2-BL UVA LED bulb provides 390nm blacklight from a 12-volt DC source. The blacklight bulb is mated to an EEL1 cable socket that is designed for easy mounting into various materials. The bulb and socket are used for prop and scenery black light application in theatrical, Escape Rooms, themed entertainment, parade floats, costumes and other special effects lighting applications using fluorescent paints.

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The EEL1-SBL2-BL black lights have varied uses in building props and scenery for themed entertainment and special effects projects. These lights use 24 LEDs peak wavelength of 390nm nominal in the ultraviolet UVA blacklight region, the LEDs are encased in a clear silicone resin bulb. The molded silicone bulbs have a nominal height of 1.1” and a nominal diameter of 0.5”. The bulbs are for 12 volts DC power sources. The bulbs are non-polarized and are a standard G4 bi-pin style. The lights when operated at 12 volts DC have a nominal power of 1.5 to 2 watts.

The bulbs are paired with a mating cable socket assembly. The EEL1 (Enhanced Effects Light) cable socket assembly has a G4 socket at one end and a standard DC barrel connector of the 2.1mm x 5.5mm size on the other. The length of the EEL1 cable socket is 10.5” and the overall length of the bulb cable socket with the bulb installed is 11.5” nominal.

The socket is designed to press fit mount into a 7/16” hole in various materials such as rigid foam or wood. The DC barrel connector end of the cable socket can pass through a 7/16” hole while the taper body of the socket end can be press fit into the hole. The taper fit of the socket body locks it into place.  The flange on the front of the socket is 5/8” diameter and limits the insertion depth.

The EEL1-SBL2 lamp cable socket assemblies are general purpose low voltage lights that find applications in a variety of prop, scenery projects, special effects, and themed entertainment projects. They are easy to integrate into various creative settings and may be powered from 12-volt DC battery packs or 12-volt DC lighting power supplies.


  • Theatrical props and costumes
  • Escape room lighting
  • Blacklight themed entertainment projects
  • Fluorescent blacklight poster boxes
  • Parade float lighting
  • Black light fluorescent paints
  • Performing arts stage props
  • Fluorescent scenic backdrops
  • Black light dioramas

EEL-SBL2-Multi List Colors LED Rev B Spec Sheet (08_04_18)