Fire effects ember orange flame simulation LED light kit with 5 foot overall length cable and bulb assembly, flicker control, and battery holder


Kit includes LED ember orange bulb, cable socket 1.5 meter 59 inch length, flicker effects control, and an 8 AA cell battery holder. This kit is used for props, theatrical scenery, faux flame, and glowing coal baskets


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The Prop and Scenery Lights ember orange 1,000 Kelvin LED bulb effects kit is used for fire simulation of burning coals and embers. This kit has a long 1.5 meter (59”) cable socket length used to extend the LED light away from the flicker control and battery pack. The overall length from the bulb end to cable end of the assembly (EEL1-1.5M-SBL2-EO) is 5 feet nominal. The kit contains a 6 mode flicker effects control (FEC1) and an 8 AA cell battery holder with a mating DC barrel connector (BHC1-8AA-12V). The battery pack provides 12 volts DC to the flicker control and LED light.

The long cable length allows for remotely locating the flicker control and batteries away from the simulated fire prop. Common uses for these kits are: prop campfires, theatrical scenery, faux fireplaces, prop torch flames, fake burning coals, and themed entertainment projects.

The FEC1 flicker effects control provides 6 different effects modes and the control provides 10 flicker speed steps.


  • Western themed camp fire scenery props
  • Theatrical stage simulated fire
  • Themed entertainment projects
  • Jack-o-lantern decor
  • Faux fireplace building
  • Coal basket props
  • Cowboy cauldron fire pit props
  • Glowing coal & wood ember fire simulation
  • Blacksmith coal forge stage props
  • Flicker flame torch props
  • Flickering lantern props
  • Amusement show projects
  • TV and film projects
  • Indie Filmmaking
  • Escape room props

EEL-1.5M-SBL2-EO Ember Orange LED Flicker kit Qucik Start Guide PSL Rev B (07_29_17)

FEC1 Rev_C Spec Sheet (07_15_17)

FEC1 Flicker effects Control Ap Note Rev-B PSL (7_31_17)

BHC1-8AA-12V Spec Sheet Rev B (6_17_17)