Lighting Wick Strip candlelight spectrum 12 LED semi-rigid double-sided 12 Volts DC


Candle flame spectrum light for theatrical props and cinematography candlelight lighting, 12 volts DC

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Part Number LWS-CF is a candlelight spectrum 12 LED semi-rigid double-sided, 6 LEDs per side, lighting strip with a 3- inch nominal active area. This unit is a professional LED candle flame simulation light source for building props and scenery. The strip operates from 12 volts DC Max. down to 6 volts DC. The candle flame light color temperature is an ultra-warm 1,775 Kelvin nominal with a color rendering index of 93 CRI nominal. The ends of the strip have 21” ref. length cables with female DC barrel connectors jack of the 2.1mm x 5.5mm size. The overall length of the strip and cables is 24” nominal. The strip can be cut every 2 LEDs per side. White dashed lines are marked at the two cut location options.  A full-length strip has 12 LEDs (6 per side), a strip cut to 2/3 length has 8 LEDs (4 per side), and a strip cut to 1/3 length has 4 LEDs (2 per side).

Cut length power levels are as follows:

  • Full length (3 inch), 6 LEDs per side, 12 LEDs total: 9V, 111 mA, 1.0 watts, 12V, 193 mA, 2.3 watts
  • 2/3 length, (2 inch), 4 LEDs per side, 8 LEDs total: 9V, 74 mA, 0.67 watts, 12V, 128 mA, 1.54 watts
  • 1/3 length, (1 inch), 2 LEDs per side, 4 LEDs total: 9V, 38 mA, 0.34 watts, 12V, 65 mA, 0.78 watts

Spec Sheet, P/N: LWS-CF

LWS-CF Lighting Wick Strick Candle Flame Spec Sheet Rev A (04_01_19)