blue green LED bulb ocean water effects light 12-volt DC with 5-foot cable for water theming lighting effects


The Ocean Blue (OB) LED light, is a clear silicone rubber bulb with a polychromatic blue and green light spectrum. This bulb is primarily intended for water effects in prop and scenery applications. The mixed light from the blue and green LEDs produces a cyan colored light with a blue and green variegated appearance.

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The SBL2-OB Ocean Blue 24 LED bulb uses 12 blue and 12 green LEDs in a clear silicone bulb. The bulb operates at 12 volts DC with a power of 1-watt nominal. The ocean blue bulb provides a polychromatic light of mixed blue and green spectrum. The dominant wavelength of light at 486.8nm nominal is near the cyan region of the light spectrum. The bulb will provide a variegated blue green and cyan light pattern around the bulb. The bulb may be used with various lighting control systems for dynamic lighting effects such as water wave and ripple.

This kit P/M: EEL1-1.5M-SBL2-OB includes a 5-foot cable socket with a DC barrel connector of the 2.1mm x 5.5mm size. The EEL1-1.5M cable socket is designed to press fit into a 7/16” diameter hole in high density urethane foam or other prop and scenery building materials.


  • Ocean water effects in themed environments
  • Public aquarium exhibit displays
  • Escape room lighting effects
  • Filmmaking water special effects
  • Dark ride water effects

Spec sheet link:

EEL1-1.5M-SBL2-OB Ocean Blue Light Rev A Spec Sheet PSL (1_28_17)

Ocean Blue Water Effects LED Light

Demo Video for Ocean Blue bulb