Enhanced Effects Light for HDU (High Density Urethane) rigid foam board, 12 volt Warm White


Enhanced Effects Light socket cable and Silicone Bi-Pin Lamp 12 volt DC, 1.1 watt, 110 lumens

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The EEL1 socket cable is designed for mounting into High Density Urethane (HDU) styling and modeling board. The EEL’s cable socket fits into a mounting hole from the material’s front side. The tapered fit of the socket’s body locks it into place, and a front 5/8” diameter flange provides an insertion stop. Lock ribs on the taper provide for anti-rotation of the socket in the material. The EEL1 cable socket light assembly is optimized for 6 lb. density foam board when an 11mm (7/16”) hole is used; though it can be mounted into higher density boards with the hole size increased slightly to reduce insertion pressure, or with lower density foam board reducing the hole diameter for a tighter grip.

Characteristics and Notes:

1) Socket taper: 12mm (0.47”) Dia. Typ. down to 9.7mm (0.38”) Dia. Typ. over a 33mm length.

2) Mounting hole: in HDU (High Density Urethane) rigid foam board, make the hole 11mm-0.25/+0.50 depending on density and grip desired. For harder materials a 12mm (0.47”) hole can be used with adhesive or resin to retain the socket. The smaller taper end of the socket has slots that can be used for resin back filling for additional retention in material over 25MM (1”) thick. In most application using HDU as the mounting material, the press fit grip from the socket tapper is sufficient to retain it.

3)  Socket Cable: has a length of 254mm (10”) Typ. with a female DC barrel connector jack 2.1mm X 5.5mm, jack diameter is 10.55mm (0.415”) Typ.

4) Light source: Silicone Bi-Pin Lamp (SBL1) G4 type, output 110 lumens Typ. @ 12 volts DC, 80ma Typ., 1.1 watts Typ.

5) Silicone Bi-Pin Lamp (SBL1):  is removable from the socket for socket insertion or replacement, the overall cable length from top of lamp to bottom of barrel connector is 279.4mm (11”) Typ.


Themed attractions

Stage scenery and props

Signage and scenic structures

Product sales displays

Custom lighting and lanterns

Specialty exhibits

Escape Rooms

This listing is for Prop and Scenery Lights P/N: EEL1-SBL1-WW, Enhanced Effects Light socket cable and Silicone Bi-Pin Lamp assembly. Other common items to use with this are our 8 AA cell battery holder P/N: BHC1-8AA-12V and our Micro Effects Control P/N: MED1.

EEL1-SBL1-WW Spec Sheet Rev-B PSL (08_15_17)

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