EEL Enhanced Effects Light 12 Volts DC LED Giant Candle Bi-Pin Lamp Kit – for hand props theatrical candles torches and lanterns


EEL Enhanced Effects Light 12 Volts DC LED Giant Candle Bi-Pin Lamp Kit 12 volt, 1.0 watt, 30 lumens, ultra warm 1,450 Kelvin for theatrical props and scenery

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The Prop and Scenery Lights, LLC EEL1-CBL1 (Enhanced Effects Light & Candle Bi-Pin Lamp) is a professional large format LED candle simulation light source and cable socket with DC barrel type connector. The 2.1 x 5.5mm DC barrel connector on the cable end is common for many low voltage DC power applications simplifying the building of props and scenery effects. The Candle Bi-Pin Lamp operates from 12 volts DC at 80ma nominal current with a static steady (nonflickering) 30 lumen output. For adding a flickering effect see our FEC1 flicker effects control under lighting controls.

The EEL1 socket cable is designed for mounting into High Density Urethane (HDU) styling and modeling board. The cable socket fits into a mounting hole from the material’s front side. The tapered fit of the socket’s body locks it into place, and a front 5/8” diameter flange provides an insertion stop. Lock ribs on the taper provide for anti-rotation of the socket in the material. The EEL1 cable socket light assembly is optimized for 6 lb. density foam board when an 11mm (7/16”) hole is used; though it can be mounted into higher density boards with the hole size increased slightly to reduce insertion pressure, or with lower density foam board reducing the hole diameter for a tighter grip. The EEL1 cable socket may be used with other materials adjusting the hole size accordingly for proper fit of the socket body taper.

This is a “static” (non flickering) light output kit.

This kit includes:

  • EEL1-CBL1 Candle Simulation LED and Cable Socket
  • SBM-HDU High Density Urethane foam block
  • LLS1-3A in-line rocker switch
  • BHC1-8AA-12V battery holder with clip for 8 AA cells

Well suited for various LED lighting applications such as:

  • Large theatrical candles
  • Themed entertainment lighting
  • Gas lamps for props and scenery
  • Décor lanterns, and torches
  • Ultra-Warm light source for “old world” light fixture designs
  • Rustic lanterns for stage scenery
  • Theatrical performing arts projects
  • Specialty lighting projects for faux fire
  • Escape room props
  • Hand props

EEL1-CBL1 Rev C Spec Sheet PSL (8_05_17)

LLS-LV3A Switch Spec Sheet Rev-B PSL (8_12_17)

BHC1-8AA-12V Spec Sheet Rev B (6_17_17)


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