EEL enhanced effects light – purple led flicker flame special effects lighting kit operates from 8 aa batteries, 12 volts DC


A special effects LED lighting kit with purple flicker flame lighting – for Stage Props, Theatrical Scenery and Themed Entertainment

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This kit is used for flickering fire special effects lighting. The LED bulb in this kit provides a purple light with high levels of blue spectra content and red color hues. The high blue spectral content of the light provides a foggy purple appearance.  The LED fire Flicker Effects Control with the kit allows various flame simulation flicker patterns and speeds to be selected. The control retains the programed settings when the power is removed. The kit operated from 12 volts DC that is provided by the included 8 AA cell battery holder assembly, (batteries not included).

The cable socket in this kit can be press fit into a 7/16 inch hole. The socket may be used with various rigid prop and scenery building materials such as high density urethane foam board or wood. This kit can be used for a variety of lighted props and theatrical stage scenery applications.

The components in this kit are equipped with DC barrel connectors of the 5.5mm x 2.1mm size for easy set up. The bulb in this kit has 24 LEDs over molded with clear silicone rubber. The bulb is removable from the cable socket.


  • Theatrical Stage Props
  • Themed Entertainment Scenery
  • Lantern props
  • Special effects lighting projects
  • Escape Room lighting effects
  • Prop torches and wands
  • Filmmaking projects
  • Performing Arts costumes and props

EEL1-SBL2 -P Quick Start Guide Rev A PSL Purple flciker kit (10-06-17)