EEL Enhanced Effects Light, Green LED light kit, 5 foot cable socket, Micro Effects Dimmer control and battery pack


Vivid green Β LED lighting kit for props, theatrical scenery, and special effects lighting projects 12 volt DC battery operated flashing blinking strobing dimming functions – DC barrel connector interconnect

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This kit has: a green LED light with 5 foot cable socket assembly (EEL1-1.5M-SBL2-G), a Micro Effects Dimmer control with 8 different lighting modes (MED1), and a 12 volt battery holder (BHC1-8AA-12V). The items in the kit plug together with DC barrel connectors of the common 2.1mm x 5.5mm size. The green LED lamp operates from 12 volts DC at 140ma nominal current (1.7 watts nominal) with a light output of 130 lumens nominal. The green silicone Bi-Pin light uses 24 LEDs. The green LEDs have a peak wavelength of 520nm. The kit operates from 8 AA batteries using the included battery holder. The light kit can be expected to operate more than 10 hours when using alkaline AA batteries.

The EEL1-1.5M cable socket assembly can be press fit into a 7/16” hole drilled into rigid foam, wood or other prop and scenery building material. The taper of the socket body locks it into place

and the socket has a front flange to limit the insertion depth and provide a finished appearance.

The MED1 Micro Effects Dimmer control button functions are:

The Light button is used in static mode for dimming. Note the Static (0 mode) dimming function is between effects #8 and #1 when sequencing through the modes.

The Speed (On/Off) button provides ten speed levels for the effects modes and is also used to turn the unit off when it is held longer than 3 seconds.

The Mode button provides eight dynamic effects, and the Static (0 mode) between effects #8 and #1.

The lighting effects modes are:

0) Static mode for dimming

1) Up / Down – ramp up on ramp down off – repeat

2) Up / Down – flame flicker – always on

3) Strobe – fast

4) Blinking – long off

5) Blinking – long on

6) Flash – burst of pulses (emergency vehicle light)

7) Strobe – slow (beacon light)

8) Up / Down varying brightness – brief off – repeat

The MED1 control retains the last setting when turned off or when power is disconnected and re-connected.

Characteristics and uses of Green LED light:

Green 520nm LED light is a very saturated vivid color. Green light for scenery is often used to portray the characteristics of natural settings. Green light can be contrasting and complementary to red scenery paint. Green is often thought of as a restful color. In technology, a green light is symbolic of safe or correct function and useful in props to convey such status. Green is also a good accent light for stage fog and mist.


  • Special effects props
  • Escape Room lighting and props
  • Theatrical stage scenery and props.
  • Music stand lights to add unique green light for theming applications. The length of the assembly with the cable control and battery holder is about 7 feet; this allows the battery pack to be floor mounted when used for music stand lighting. For temporary installation, the light socket and cable may be secured using Gaffer’s tape.
  • Marquee sign props
  • Replicating natural scenery environment with green light.
  • Accenting fog and mist stage set scenery.

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EEL-1.5M-SBL2-G Green long cable multi effects Kit Quick Start Guide PSL Rev B (06_17_17)