Prop Flex LED Lighting Kit 5200K high CRI TLCI Daylight White 16” active area 48 LEDs


Lighting Kit for filmmaking props theatrical scenery digital photography continuous photo video lighting – flex tape strip 12 volt DC, 4 watts, 265 Lumen, 5,200 Kelvin

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The PFL-48-DW Prop Flex is a flexible Lighting Strip with a 5,200 Kelvin LED daylight white light output. The light output is characterized by exceptional high color quality for CRI, CQS and TLCI. The light of the FLS Flex light strip is also characterized by a full spectrum for excellent color rendering. This high color quality LED lighting strip is well suited for demanding lighting applications.
Prop Flex Lights are a LED strip that is a flexible lighting source re-usable and easy to configure. Prop Flex LED lighting strip is a hook and loop fabric based LED light strip with a clear flexible protective covering. The strips are configured with a power input pigtail cable and DC barrel connector. The flexibility and adaptability of Prop Flex Light allows it to mount to various contoured surfaces.
The PFL-48-DW has an active area of 16″ with 48 LEDs and operates from 12-volt DC at 4 watts. The overall length of the PFL-48-DW prop Flex is 28” including the hook and loop fabric tails. The high color quality Prop Flex is suitable for prop, scenery, film, digital photography, and television broadcast applications requiring a high color quality daylight white light source. For storage Prop Flex LED strip is supplied with a storage tube that is clear plastic with removable end caps.

Lighting Specifications
Lux at 2 feet = xx
Light output: = 265 lumens nominal at 12 volt DC
CRI 98 out of 100 (general purpose for color quality to the human eye)
CQS xxx out of 100 (an enhanced color quality scale that emphasizes reds and human skin)
TLCI: xx out of 100 (a scale based on electronic image sensors that determine how the light looks for television and broadcast applications)
Color Temperature: 5,200 K +300 K / -100 K

• Prop lighting for television and film
• In vehicle video lighting
• Theatrical scenery
• Digital photography continuous lighting
• INDIE filmmaking
• Confined space Cinematography lighting
• Stage and Studio video lighting
• Themed entertainment projects
• Amusement shows
• Podium and music stand lighting for video projects

This kit includes:

1 pc Prop Flex Lighting strip with 48 LEDs at a 16″ nominal length.