10 pack LED micro effects light blue with 9 volt battery clips for props scenery specialty lighting


Micro Effects Light (MEL) blue narrow beam LED spotlight with 9-volt battery clips, for; props, scenery, stage markers, and other specialty lighting projects, operates from 9V DC or 12V DC


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The Micro Effects Light (MEL) is a specialty LED light for small object lighting, props, scenery, and other small specialty lighting effects projects.  Its Small object lighting can range from small prop displays to display cases for models. The MEL can also be used to create elaborate arrays of LED lights for stage props and scenery.

For lighting strobe effects or other dynamic lighting effects see our MED1 Micro Effects Dimmer under the lighting control category. The Micro Effects Dimmer is also handy for dimming if the MEL is to be used as a stage marker light.

The body of the MEL can be secured to various surfaces with hot glue or temporarily mounted with gaffer’s cloth tape. When operated from a new 9 volt battery, the operating time can be expected to be greater than 18 hours. The MEL light uses a 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC barrel connector for power input, other compatible wiring items can be found in on our cable & accessories page.

Well suited for various applications such as:

  • Specialty lighting projects
  • Theatrical performing arts projects
  • Lighting props and scenery
  • Stage marker lights
  • Small object lighting
  • Model displays and diorama lighting
  • LED costume lights
  • Escape room games

This kit includes 10 pcs blue MEL light and 10 pcs 9 volt battery clips with 5″ ref wire leads. The overall length of the light and the clip is 8″ ref.

MEL-Multi Rev A Spec Sheet (07_15_17)

Ap Note AN-1704 MEL Ap Note Rev B PSL (09_03_17)


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