Flame Orange 3 Head Micro Special Effects Flicker Light Kit 12V 9V DC for Theatrical Torch Props


3 head miniature Flame Orange LED spotlights with flicker control provides flame effects. Each of 3 light heads has an overall length of six inches from the 3-way cable splitter. Dual voltage, 12-volts DC or 9-volts DC. Uses include building of props and scenery where a small special effects flame simulation source is needed.

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This kit consists of three Micro Effects Lights, flame orange light output in a narrow beam pattern, a 3-way Pigtail Connector Splitter, a Flicker Flame Control, and a 9-volt battery clip. This kit is a small flicker flame light for building props, scenery and costumes. The kit can operate from a 12-volt DC or 9-volt DC power supply. The power of the 3 lights at 12-volts DC is 90ma nominal current, 1.1 watts, and the power at 9-volts DC is 66ma nominal current, 0.6 watts. The kit can also operate from a 9-volt battery. When operated from a new 9V alkaline battery, the operating time can be expected to be about 3 hours typical. The highest light output is achieved when operating from 12 volts DC. The Micro Effects Light heads are 1.42 inch nominal in length and 0.48 inch nominal in diameter. Each of 3 light heads has an overall length of six inches from the 3-way cable splitter. The overall length of the lights, cable splitter, and control is 26.5 inches nominal. The 9-volt battery clip wires are 5 inches in length nominal.

The flicker flame control has 6 flicker modes and adjustable speed steps. The control retains the last settings used when power is disconnected from the control and reconnected. Idle current of the control when it is off is typically 10ma or less. Disconnect batteries when not in use to preserve battery life.

The kit components uses DC barrel connectors of the 2.1mm x 5.5mm size with center positive polarity. Batteries are not included. Power supply not included.


  • The overall length of the of the entire assembly is 33” nominal.
  • The entire length of the 3-way splitter and lights is 14” nominal.
  • The entire length of the 3-way splitter, lights and control is 26.5” nominal.
  • The Micro Effects Lights are 1.42” nominal in length and 0.48” nominal in diameter.


Building prop theatrical torches

Flame effects for prop lanterns

Simulation of small fires in themed entertainment projects

Fire effects for theatrical costumes

Mob torch props

Theme park character costumes and props

Spec. Sheet:

MEL-PO-3-KIT-1 3-way Orange Flicker MEL-PO Kit PSL Spec Sheet Rev A (04_23_20)