EEL (Enhanced Effects Light) kit 3, 12 Volt Warm White LED with foam lantern mount for props and scenery


Enhanced Effects Light kit with HDU foam mount and Silicone Bi-Pin Lamp 12 volt, 1.1 watt, 110 lumens


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The EEL KIT 3 (Enhanced Effects Light) combines a cable socket with a mid-power LED and a High Density Urethane (HDU) foam mount with dimensions of 3-1/2” x 3-1/2” x 2” tall ref.

This kit contains:

1 pc EEL (Socket Cable): has a length of 254mm (10”) Typ. with a female DC barrel connector jack 2.1mm X 5.5mm, jack diameter is 10.55mm (0.415”) Typ. The tapered fit of the socket’s body locks it in place, and a front 5/8” diameter flange provides an insertion stop.

1 pcs SBL (Silicone Bi-pin Lamp): warm white LED 12 volts 1.1 watt nominal, 110 lumen

1 pcs SBM-HDU (Square Block Mount High Density Urethane): EEL light mount.

The EEL light mount is 2” thick high density urethane modeling board; water jet cut and unpainted. The mount may be user modified using common wood working tools for sanding, drilling, and trimming to shape if needed for an application. The mounts may be painted with spray paint or water-based paints prior to installing the lights. For attaching the mount various means may be used: hot glue, urethane glues, Gaffer’s tape, or screws.


Converting decorative lanterns to LEDs

Building of props and scenery

LED solar lights

Escape Rooms


EEL1-SBL1-WW Spec Sheet Rev-B PSL (08_15_17)

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