Theatrical Candle Light (TCL) with (EEL1) Cable Socket for prop candles and lanterns


Candle flame spectrum LED light for building theatrical prop candles and lanterns. The TCL (Theatrical Candle Light) produces a ultra-warm flame spectrum light. The light is dual voltage, it may be operated at 9-volts DC for 10.5 lumens output, or 12-volts DC and 16.5 lumens output.

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The P/N EEL1-TCL is a candlelight spectrum 8 LED bi-pin bulbs with cable socket assembly. This unit is a professional LED candle flame simulation light source. The bulb operates from 12 volts DC Max. down to 6 volts DC. The candle flame light color temperature is an ultra-warm 1,775 Kelvin nominal with a color rendering index of 93 CRI nominal. The overall assembly length is 11 inch nominal length the cable has a female DC barrel connectors jack of the 2.1mm x 5.5mm size. The G4 style bi-Pin bulb is removable from the socket. The socket is designed to press fits into 7/16” hole in soft materials or into hard materials with a  1/2” hole and held in place with hot melt glue.


  • Voltage 9-12 volts DC, Voltage dimmable and PWM dimmable
  • Wattage: 0.47 watts nominal at 9-volts DC, 1.2-watt nominal at 12-volts DC
  • Current: 52ma nominal at 9.0 volts DC, 100ma nominal at 12.0 volts DC
  • LED bi-pin lamp: 8 LEDs per (2 LEDs in each of four 90° PCB structure quadrants), with a clear PVC plastic UL VW1 rated protective heat shrink tube jacket.
  • Color temperature: 1,775 Kelvin nominal with a high color rendering index of 93 Typ. CRI nominal and a color purity of 85%.
  • Lumens Ref.: 9.0 VDC = 10.5 Lumens, 12.0 VDC = 16.5 Lumens


  • The overall length of the cable socket and bulb is, 11” nominal.
  • The TCL bulb is 0.75” height Max. and 0.50” diameter Max.
  • The socket flange is 0.62” diameter nominal.


  • Candles and wall sconce props for theatrical projects
  • Stage production props
  • Stage set candles and lanterns
  • Theatrical candle hand props


FEC1 Flicker Effects Control

FFC1 Flickering Flame Control – fast flickering LED flame effects lighting control

9 volt battery clip connector to 2.1mm x 5.5mm male plug DC barrel connecto

Battery Holder, 8X AA cell and Clip to DC barrel connector plug 2.1mm x 5.5mm , 12 volt DC

Spec. Sheet:

EEL1-TCL Theatrical Candle Light Rev A Spec Sheet PSL (02_08_20)