FFC1 Flickering Flame Control – fast flickering LED flame effects lighting control


The FFC1 is a fast flickering LED control for special effects lighting flame simulation. The control is used in the building of various stage props and for replicating fire in themed environment projects.

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The Flickering Flame Control, FFC1, is used for simulated flame effects using low voltage LED lights. The intended application is professional use in theatrical and themed environments for various prop and scenery applications. The control has 6 dynamic flickering flame effects of various patterns, and one static (non-flickering) dimming mode. In the fastest flickering speed the frequency across the various modes ranges from about 1 Hz to under 6 Hz, the average flickering frequency at the fastest speed is 3.3 Hz.

The control has 3 buttons which operate the functions:


  • Mode button, to choose the flame flicker effects pattern.
  • Speed button, to control the rate of the flame flickering rate, mode and to control the on/off function of the control.
  • Light button, used to control the one static dimming

The Flickering Flame Control is for low voltage LED lighting only. The control is for use in the 5.0 to 24 volts DC range. The maximum LED lighting load is 18 watts. The maximum load current at 12 volts DC is 1.5 amps. The control uses DC barrel connectors of the 2.1mm x 5.5mm size for power input and output. The DC barrel connectors are center positive +V polarity. The control retains the last setting when power is removed or the control’s off setting is used. The control body has a length of 3 inches nominal, overall length including the cables is 13 inches nominal. The body of the control is 0.6 inches wide and 0.25 inches thick nominal. The PWM frequency of the control is 240 Hz nominal. For video applications this may cause video banding. For DC voltage LED lighting loads only. The FFC1 control retains the last settings used when power is disconnected from the control and reconnected.


Campfire scenery props

Theatrical stage simulated fire

Themed entertainment projects

Jack-o-lantern decor

Faux fireplace building

Coal basket props

Cowboy cauldron fire pit props

Glowing coal and wood ember fire simulation

Blacksmith coal forge stage props

Flicker flame torch props

Flickering lantern props

Amusement show projects

Choir candles

Theatrical hand prop candles

Vintage lanterns

Carriage light props

Gas lamp props

Performing arts theatrical flame props

FFC1 Flickering Flame Control Spec Sheet Rev-A (06_22_19)